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P.O.Box 20983
Bradentor, Fl 34204


We offer:

a) Custom software solutions for our client whether it's for internal use or commercial applications.
b) SaaS solution and commercial designed application.
c) Marketing website




As part of our business direction, we strive to be fully transparent and communicative with our clients and break down our strategy for our software development. The following, is a list of actions that we follow:

  • Business Analysis: Breaking down business workflow and it's process.
  • Establishing Rules: Business rules and processes are fully documented.
  • Functional Specs: Collecting and organizing all the specs, functional requirements and features.
  • Data Modeling: This stage is the most critical stage of the project. The success of any Business Application heavily depends on a solid and sound Data Modeling and Database Design.
  • Rules implementation: Upon confirmation and approval from client to proceed, implementation of Business Rules will be added to Data Modeling. 
  • Building Processes: Processes are building blocks of the system which will execute and performs functions within the system.
  • UI Prototype: UI Prototype phase allows for the user to begin to interact with the system.
  • Security & Membership: As system is being built, we also take full security and authorization into the system.
  • Deployment: We could deploy your application either on your internal server or host it on Amazon Web Services with their excellent reliability.
  • Mobile Strategy: If your application requires Mobile support, we can build a full business application that runs on Mobile either as stand-alone application or your desktop application designed for mobile.