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We offer:

a) Custom software solutions for our client whether it's for internal use or commercial applications.
b) SaaS solution and commercial designed application.
c) Marketing website



Custom Development Services

Custom Application development has been our core business for many. We have had many clients who wanted full control over their software application that run their business. And that's why we offer, the freedom to design your software based on your needs and not being dictated by other canned solutions.

These application could be used as internal system or external or both. We can design it as a "Singleton" or "SaaS" application, depending on your needs. We offer application for different industries, i.e.:

  • Accounting
  • Manufacturing
  • Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Sport & Fitness
  • Workflow Management System
  • And others...

Multi Tenant SaaS Services

Reduce Costs and Accelerate Time to Market -

One of our development models is to offer Software As a Service "SaaS" delivery to those clients who want to provide their Software as a "Service" to their clients. These SaaS applications could be categorized as "Commercial" applications. However, it's foundation relies on a multi-tenancy concept. We can can design and develop a full multi-tenancy SaaS application with full Subscription & membership and billing system all built in and integrated. 

This strategy provides:

  • A greater reach to newer markets.
  • Grow existing installed base.
  • Accelerate new product release & adoption.
  • Ability to take advantage of cloud infrastructure to your clients

awareIM Consulting Services

We offer a complete set of services to build a full scale Web Business Application using AwareIM complete tool-set. We use the tools extensively for building Database driven Web applications.

  • State of the art tool-set: AwareIM provides all the tools to build complex, reliable and powerful Web database applications. Full Web Support to run in Intranet or Internet environment.

  • Unmatched Speed of Development: AwareIM Applications are driven based on rule engine that offers 10x the speed of procedural development.

  • Total solution: We do everything from initial concept to finished product.

  • Mobile Support: Complete Mobile Business application working side by side with your desktop applications.

  • Supports all popular Databases & OS: Your applications will work in exactly the same way on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, with SQL Server, Oracle or MySQL.

  • Modern Looking Interface: We use the latest and most proven UI libraries to stay current with technology.

Architecture Services

As part of our full development service, we also provide an Architectural Service where we can meet with clients and break down the business rules and understand related problems and then Design & Architect a solution where client's IT members can develop the system.

Business/System Analyst

Another important phase of software development, is the ability to communicate with clients while gathering business rules and features and producing well defined documents for development team. We can provide this level of service as well.