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P.O.Box 20983
Bradentor, Fl 34204


We offer:

a) Custom software solutions for our client whether it's for internal use or commercial applications.
b) SaaS solution and commercial designed application.
c) Marketing website


Mobile Dev.

Mobile Development

We use state of the art tools & framework to build full featured and enterprise grade Mobile Business Applications. We're able to match almost any feature that we offer when we design Desktop application with our Mobile development as well.

Mobile web: Our Mobile applications support all popular mobile platforms, such as iOS-driven devices, Android-driven, Windows devices. Our Mobile apps can run in browser or as hybrid mobile applications using Phonegap.

Enterprise Mobility: All our Mobile apps use our powerful backend application Server that share all of the desktop data, Processes, Rules. With the mobile media consumption numbers tipping the scales at 51% vs desktop at 42%, our Mobile apps are no longer an extension to existing apps. They ARE your PRIMARY business tools.

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