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Office: 941-822-8589

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P.O.Box 20983
Bradentor, Fl 34204


We offer:

a) Custom software solutions for our client whether it's for internal use or commercial applications.
b) SaaS solution and commercial designed application.
c) Marketing website



We are an experienced and motivated team in Software design & develoment.

Micro Intelligence was established in 1985. By then we had already gained experience in developing large and commercial scale application in Banking, Medicine and Aerial photography.

Since then, we have engaged in many different industries and developed complete solutions for Insurance, Manufacturing, Medical, US Government. Energy sector, Interior Design and many more. 

We take pride of being able to have close communications with our clients and spend quality time to find the right solution for them. We take our commitment very seriously and give 100% attention to each project.

Office: 941-822-8589

Email: Ben@MicroIntelligence.Com