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We offer:

a) Custom software solutions for our client whether it's for internal use or commercial applications.
b) SaaS solution and commercial designed application.
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Micro Intelligence Corp.

Rule based business application development

What do we do?

Building Software Application although may begin from an idea, but there are many coordinated steps from an "Idea" to "Production". Staging each step in proper manor is a critical part of managing software development. Well designed and developed takes a great amount of up front design and covering all bases, before any coding begins.
And this is what we do, a complete coordinated effort from design to analysis and building the foundation and carry that all the way to production. We provide you a peace of mind and build your full scale Business application.  For more info, please check our "Services" section.

Effective Results

It has been proven to us over and over, that working closely and personally with our clients, provides the most optimal atmosphere in gathering requirements,  business rules and based on that we can design the most effective architecture & design to meet your expectations..

Rapid Development

Our success story begins with a strong Business Analysis followed by modular development which leads to unmatched speed of development. The value of our products we deliver to clients, come from experience and knowledge, but also is based on paying close attention to details.

Proven Technology

We maximize our productivity with the latest & proven technologies to provide Cloud based Web Applications. Providing an integrated solution, is the key in providing a full solution. The solution combines a fully integrated Database server, Application Server, Internet server and Cloud infrastructure.